Interview with our partner from Miami

LFS: In what areas do you specifically work?


Brenda Gramajo:  Waterfront Properties, Luxury properties from Sunny Isles, Miami Beach, Fisher Island, Coconut Grove, Coconut Plum, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Wellington and Boca Raton.


LFS: What does your service include?


B.G.:  Helping clients to find the property of their desire and refer them to any service that they request, from attorneys, accounting, banks for foreigner loans if they required financing, other references like restaurants, exotic cars, yachts and private aviation. I refer to BURGESS COMPANY for Yachts.


LFS: Do you have more deals in sales or in rental?  


B.G.:  Sales I will say is 80% of my portfolio and 20% rentals 


LFS: Is there any high season in your business?


B.G.:  Holidays and vacations in other countries, those are my high seasons. 


LFS: What are the most interesting ongoing projects do you have now to suggest?


B.G.:  I will say for future investment we can name Aston Martin Residences because at this moment you will be acquiring pre-construction prices. As well I recommend another project which is in Fisher Island, i.e. Armani Residences which is under-construction but still an opportunity to buy...

If you are not into apartments, I will say you can find great deals if you place offers.


LFS: Do you have clients from Russia?


B.G.:  Yes, I do. 


LFS: Do they differ from other clients?


B.G.:  I will say not really, my clients from other countries have the same criteria - want the best of the best... 


LFS: What was the trickiest request that you got from a client?


B.G.:  To take care of their dog while they were going to their other home in Monaco, as well to rent their apartment with their Ferrari included. I love cars.


LFS: Do your clients use business aviation?


B.G.:  Most of them own their own especially from my country Guatemala, but yes, I know others that required the service of private aviation and exotic cars.


LFS: Have you ever been asked to recommend a company that arranges private jet flights?


B.G.:  I have been asked more for exotic cars, and yachts and some others for recommendation of private aviation.


LFS: What would you recommend to our clients if they want to come to Miami for a long-term vocation?


B.G.:  It depends on what they like, Miami has a variety of activities, main attraction is the ocean. Night life is fun, fine restaurants, the Keys are great, the Everglades especially for stone crab season and much more.


LFS: How often do you come to Russia and is it possible to get a personal consultancy from you?


B.G.:  My first trip to Russia was 11 months ago, and since then I have been there already for 7 times.

Let’s say I come 4 times a year but sometimes I do unexpected trips base on important activities that I can participate to promote Real Estate like the Porsche club Golf Tournament that was not expected. I had to push all my travels to be able to make it.

Of course, I’m available to meet with clients any time. 

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